HealthTrust’s Education & Editorial Advisory Board oversees content included in The Source. Proposed annual content may vary (at the discretion of the board) to ensure that timely and relevant information is included. Below is the editorial calendar for 2018.

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2018 Editorial Calendar

Q1 |Infection Prevention / Patient & Employee Safety / Patient Satisfaction 

  • Preventing Medical Errors & Other Patient Safety Priorities
  • Benefits of an Impenetrable Infection Prevention Team
  • Incivility, Bullying & Workplace Violence
  • Building an Antibiotic Stewardship Program
  • How to Make Your Code-blue Team More Cohesive
  • Electronics Purchasing That Supports Environmental Goals
  • Product Lab: Sharps Safety
  • Cultivating a Patient-centered Culture

Q2 |Value-based Care / Regulations & Governance / Bariatrics

  • Preferred Provider Networks & Evolving Clinically Integrated Network Models
  • The Challenges of Rural Hospitals
  • Bariatrics: Impact of Obesity on Population Health Strategies & Specialized Patient Care
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding: Meeting Guidelines for Sterile Prep & Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs
  • Multimodal Pain Management: Tapering Protocols
  • Precision Medicine & the Trend Toward Genomic Testing
  • Reducing & Safely Disposing Hospital Waste
  • Methods to Fight Healthcare Provider Burnout

Q3 |Data & Analytics / Emerging Technology / Geriatrics / Emergency Preparedness (Conference Issue)

  • Mining EHR Data for Quality Improvement
  • How Healthcare Interoperability Improves Healthcare Delivery
  • Emergency Preparedness & How to Staff for Crisis
  • Better Ways to Care for the Aging Patient Population
  • Telepharmacy & Remote Verification
  • Leveraging Technology in Opioid Diversion
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engaging Physicians in Supply Chain Decision-making

Q4 |Innovation / Social Stewardship (Sustainability, Diversity, Community Outreach)

  • Next Generation Healthcare: Cost-effective Hospital Designs & Practical Logistics for Improving Outcomes
  • Balancing Cognitive Diversity in Interprofessional Healthcare Teams
  • Success With Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Programs
  • Spotlight on the 2018 HealthTrust Innovation Grant Winner
  • Sustainable Practices With Anesthesia Gases
  • Environmentally Sustainable Building Methods With a Positive Impact on Health & Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • ICU Liberation
  • Tech Trends: CV Phase I Devices